Every recommended tour programs provide English homepage, and you can make a reservation there individually.
1. K-pop
Walk along the streets of the K-pop stars’ favorite hangout spots and make your way to Gangnam Tourist Information Center, SM Town Artium and MBC World to experience K-pop, popular shows and dramas of MBC.
  • Gangnam Tourist Information Center
    Gangnam Tourist Information Center is a facility offering information and various services regarding tourism in Korea. Especially in the Hallyu Experience Hall, visitors can meet their favorite Korean star through various fan signing and fan meeting events and can try out many different contents through exhibitions and VR experiences.
  • SM Town Artium
    If you are a K-pop fan, it is impossible not to miss the SMTOWN at Coex Artium. SMTOWN Museum, located on the third floor, includes various exhibitions, including SM archive, special exhibition, and artist gallery, all of which are related to music albums, stage photos, outfits and accessories, and behind the scenes stories.
  • MBC Contents World
    At MBC world, South Korea’s first broadcasting theme park, you can have the special experience of dancing and singing with the star, and becoming the main character of dramas with the help of virtual reality(VR) programs. Also, you can try on Korean traditional drama costumes in filming set of K-dramas, and can learn how the scenes are actually made.
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2. VR
Want to try out an exciting virtual reality experience in Korea? Visit VRIGHT, a VR theme park located in Sinchon and Konkuk University, Seoul, filled with games of all kinds - best for your entire family or group of friends to play in! Whether you're a sports addict, a gamer, or an adventure-seeker, there's something for everyone at VRIGHT. From VR roller coasters to space walking adventures, you'll definitely have a great time here!
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3. Cooking Class
You can learn about Korean food culture and practice making one at the best facilities. It has regular and non-regular cooking class programs in various foreign languages such as English, Japanese, and Chinese, along with instructions from famous cooking directors who have acquired the certificate of Korean cooks and have gained experience as cooks.
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4. Seoul City Tour Bus
The Seoul City Tour Bus is located in Seoul, the capital city of the Republic of Korea, where 12 million tourists visit every year. For foreign tourists who come to Seoul for the first time and who want to learn about the experience, this can be a chance for the pleasant and comfortable travel around Seoul.
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5. Shopping
Indulge in a little light retail therapy on this 8-hour shopping tour in Seoul. The tour stops at Gangnam district, Garosu-gil, Apgujeong Rodeo Street, Namdaemun Market and Myeongdong, and you can enjoy lunch in a traditional restaurant. Also, visit ginseng center and a duty free shop before returning to your hotel.
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6. Hike and Korean-Style Spa
Enjoy some fresh air at Mt. Bukhan National Park! About 70% of the Korean peninsula is covered by mountains and Mt. Bukhan is one of the most beautiful mountain in Seoul. After hiking, relax your muscles at a Korean-style traditional sauna.
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7. Museum Tour
Visit three of the South Korean capital’s most impressive museums in one day on this 4-hour walking tour in Seoul. The tour includes exploring the National Museum of Korea, the Leeum Samsung Museum of Art, and the Seoul Museum of History.
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8. Temple Stay
Temple Stay program includes Temple tour, Seon Meditation, Tea Ceremony, Monastic Meal, Yebool the ceremony that we pay respect to the Buddha and Experience of Korean Culture.
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9. Palace Tour
Unlike other big cities in the world, there are palaces in the center of Seoul. Go ahead and visit Gyeongbokgung Palace, the largest one in Korea and the night views of Deoksugung Palace as well.
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